I took the kids to Hollywood Studios for a Toy Story day to check out the all-new Roundup Rodeo BBQ! Located in Toy Story Land, this new western-themed restaurant is in Andy’s backyard and gives you a perspective of what his toys see. (Kids outfits by Enchanted Dress Shop).

This is a much-needed sit-down restaurant on this side of the park. The kids loved the theming, but not the BBQ (I thought it was delish). And they DO NOT have chicken tenders as a backup like some restaurants do.

Once your name is called, the host will escort you to the table. The kids get horses on sticks to “ride on” to the table which was fun!

There certainly is a lot to look at with the bright colors and attention to detail!

The menu here is all-you-can-eat!

The rolls were a hit with the kids, and the salads were surprisingly as well. They were light to not fill us up before the meal, but definitely hit the spot! The kids loved the watermelon and I really liked the green options — all the dressings were on point. You can ask for more of anything!

The main course we went with the traditional meats. I ate all the brisket — it was that GOOD! I love a good sweet BBQ sauce and it was the perfect accompaniment. It was more than enough meat, and we could ask for more if needed. You also get to choose 4 sides! We went with fried pickles, mac & cheese, tater tots and corn on the cob. The tater tots do come loaded so we asked for them plain for the kids. They did bring us plain corn too without the cheese and parsley.

4 sides: tater tots, fried pickles, corn, and mac and cheese.

There may not be characters here, but when Andy approaches, we all have to freeze so he doesn’t see his toys move!

For dessert, they each chose the Forky Cupcake. I went with the chocolate silk pie which was just enough dessert for me after a heavy meal.

This is a fun choice for kids (and adults who like BBQ!), and if you plan on being at Hollywood Studios at lunch or dinner, this is a great option! I can book Roundup Rodeo BBQ as part of your Walt Disney World vacation for my guests who book with me. Let me know when I send your dining reminder email!

Jaclyn Rhoads